Kemax s.r.o.  
We have been bringing you products for more than 20 years made of sheet metal of the highest quality at excellent prices, for the satisfaction of you and your clients.
Kemax s.r.o.  
We produce plain sheets, trapezoidal profiles and corrugated sheets in various thicknesses, galvanized, lacquered and in almost unlimited length.
Kemax s.r.o.  
We are a long-standing Slovak producer of high quality sheet metal products.



Technologies and materials


Quality materials and top technologies are a guarantee of the quality of our products for you, the clients.

When processing the material, we pay the utmost attention to the observance of basic procedures for maintaining maximum quality and safety.

Our stocks mainly consist of galvanized coils.
For the customer, this means a short delivery time from order to delivery.
We provide other coils cold rolled and lacquered according to the number of orders.

We recommend ordering goods well in advance, e.g. 4 to 5 weeks before the required delivery date.



  • STN 10004.21
  • STN 11321.21
  • STN 11331.21





  • STN 10004                       DX 51 D according to EN
  • STN 11331                       10142/90 EN
  • STN 11321                       DX 52 D according to EN
  • DIN 17162/77




(rolls with organic coatings)

  • STN 10004                       ST01Z
  • STN 11321                       ST02Z
  • STN 11331                       ST03Z
  • DIN 17162-T2/1980

  nominal coating thickness of the base 5-15 µm
  and a top coat of 10 to 200 µm