Kemax s.r.o.  
We have been bringing you products for more than 20 years made of sheet metal of the highest quality at excellent prices, for the satisfaction of you and your clients.
Kemax s.r.o.  
We produce plain sheets, trapezoidal profiles and corrugated sheets in various thicknesses, galvanized, lacquered and in almost unlimited length.
Kemax s.r.o.  
We are a long-standing Slovak producer of high quality sheet metal products.

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In addition to our main sheet metal portfolio and within the satisfaction of our customers, we of course also offer the necessary accessories.
Actual prices are on request!


Sealing profiles for trapezoidal profiles

They are used for better resistance to wind and humidity when covering roofs.
They are made of certified PE foam.

type of roofing
length of sealing profile
       T18 profile
       T29 profile
       T50 profile
Sealing profiles



We offer screws with a washer and with a seal.

to metal
       GT 5
5,5 x 19mm
5,5 x 32mm
5,5 x 35mm
5,5 x 50mm
       GT 8
5,5 x 19mm
       GT 12
5,5 x 19mm
to wood - farm
4,8 x 20mm
4,8 x 35mm
4,8 x 60mm
4,8 x 20mm
4,8 x 35mm


Plumbing products

We have expanded our range with this type of products so that we can be as comprehensive as possible.
See the standard offer HERE