The trapeze signs we manipulate in an upright position. Boards must be built on the side, keep them under lock-paved section. Due to the safe handling and thermal expansion are the manufacturer's recommended maximum length boards
6000 mm. The dimensions beyond 6000 mm does not guarantee concerning the expansion of trapezoidal profile failures and defects caused by improper handling of trapezoidal profiles.
Bevel the edges cut in principle on the ground and on a hard surface. For cutting and trimming tools required below. For, that these areas must be cut in the roof or in the roof space, is necessary for completion of the work remove metal shavings from soft whisk, that would otherwise start to oxidize and thus left by the metal rust stains.
When installation is imperative to treat all cutting edges and shearing shearing edges including, incurred in the manufacturing process of corrugated sheets.
If, after receipt of corrugated sheets to customers not by immediate installation, sheets should be stored in closed, dry, well-ventilated area, where there is a large temperature fluctuations. Short term storage is also possible in the open air, the trapezoidal sheet should be covered with tarpaulin, which lets air. In both cases it is necessary to pallet support plate washers catchment and to a sufficient height above the ground, to ensure adequate ventilation.
If holoribs stored for more than two weeks, be individual boards trapezes popodkladať dilatation wooden slats. Storage for more than two months is considered a breach warranty. In this case, can not be recognized any claim relating to damage the finish trapezoidal sheets.
Rules for storage of corrugated sheets shall also apply to all other products supplied by KEMAX, LTD.
Holoribs T18, T29, T50 and assemble products KEMAX common plumbing tools. The cutting and cutting trapezes use hand shears or scissors or perforating electric jigsaw with the blade for cutting steel.
Do NOT use the cutting angle grinder! When using the angle grinder will suffer damage and deterioration of corrugated sheet steel core overheating and damage the protective coating. Resulting damage is excluded from the claim.
Preparation before installation:
Ascertain whether the slope of the roof actually meets the requirement of at least 5 °. Before starting work, inspect the right angles between the shield and drip edge. For, roof that is not rectangular, we need to align gable trim. Similar processes and objects in Enclosure. Once we have set the roof on your desktop right angles is suitable for eaves stretch cord to the level by which we hold in the actual installation of the trapezes. Blackboard harness must always be stored upright to line the eaves.
Installation trapezes start installing roof foil, it is not subject to. For a perfectly functioning roof is necessary to use high quality film diffusion due to high condensation are typical for metal roofing. Foil mounted directly on the rafters from the eaves to the ridge horizontally. Very fitting we perform exactly as documented on film. Gripping films provide the same type of roof battens themselves as lathing. The minimum gap between the foil and the roof covering must be 5 cm. Roof battens or roof wedged itself by itself suggest the type of profile Keystone, course with regard to the drawings, and still report. Do not suggest a tip thickness trapezoidal profile and range of batten without the necessary drawings or static reports. Last lata must be mounted at least 5 cm from the ridge. Trapezoidal profiles can be assembled in different ways and from left to right and back translation method of metal sheets on each other. Still hold when installing gutter plane, we have marked cord. To mount using bolts on trapezes dimension 4,8 x 35 plecxu for mounting to the roof battens, trapezoidal or nails for mounting the upper trapezoid wave, and bolts of the size 4,8 x 19 for joining sheetxmetal plate. Install roofing system 6 screws to 1 m2 and bolt must be installed at the bottom of a wave in principle to every other wave in the horizontal direction. The number of screws depends on the roof structure and a single space between the roof batten or truss. The actual distribution and installation of screws depends on the type of construction, used profile, space between the beams and the thickness of the material. Plumbing design elements, such as. gable trim, eaves flashings, etc., are supplied by the manufacturer in standard sizes. Yet in the renovation of older buildings is appropriate to the individual to produce bespoke. All plumbing design features two ways to anchor and screw or nail plumbing. Installing ridge we perform two ways, either the ridge batten using ridge venting belt which simultaneously achieve perfect equality ridge and mounted to the top of the ridge, or method of joining sheet metal plate which in practice means, the ridge anchored a short screw directly into Keystone Module. In the assembly, chimney flashings, or installation of roof windows and climb is suitable to invite you to a specialist, given that, these works are special in their own way and it could happen that improper installation of these elements in the future reflected in the quality of the roof function.